Your Prescription for Renewal: A Day of Self-Care

Rx for Renewal hosts a selection of curated events and retreats that are open to the public. These are inspiring, connected, and transformative experiences designed to uplift people on their self-care journey.

And our events are all about results.

  • 97% of previous Rx for Renewal event attendees said they would join another event.

  • Self-reported work/life balance improved from 4/10 to 7/10 after attending just one retreat.

  • 95% of event attendees shared they learned practical tools to help them live a more balanced life.

Join us for our next half day or full day of self-care to unlock a future that is not just balanced but deeply fulfilling. Where greater productivity at work intertwines with a renewed sense of vitality in your personal life.

Join us at our next event

‘Don’t just survive your life, but thrive—with Rx for Renewal.’


Claudia Rygiel

The "Love Yourself - Mind, Body, Soul" event allowed me to step outside my comfort zone and experience the benefits of spiritual wellness which is something I've never explored. I walked away with a number of tools as well as a different perspective when it comes to managing my stress.

Fab De Rango

This mini-retreat is what each corporation or individual needs to ensure we are staying in the present moment every chance we have and reminding ourselves to take care of our mind, body, and soul to be a better version of ourselves.

Josephine Adad

As high performers in a stressful environment, we tend to focus on results and neglect our own health. Unfortunately, this is counterproductive. This wellness conference taught me that I will be a much better leader, manager, associate, friend, husband, and father if I invest in myself first.

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