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Corporate Wellness Solutions for Companies on the Cutting Edge

At Rx for Renewal, we support professionals to transform burnout, disengagement, and lack of satisfaction into greater motivation, fulfillment, and well-being. Our holistic approach emphasizes the interconnection between the mind and body, inviting inward reflection, and curating solutions tailored to people’s needs. Using evidence-based tools and simple techniques, we make it easy to unlock potential and promote a healthy balance between work and life

Our Solutions

Corporate Wellness

We offer curated on-site wellness workshops, motivational keynote speaking, and handpicked retreat experiences all designed to help companies create environments where employees can thrive

Individual Mentorship

We support individuals through 1:1 executive coaching, guidance, breathwork sessions and practical tools designed to optimize well-being and performance by aligning work and purpose

Reduce Burnout, Disconnect, and Disengagement

Restore Motivation, Happiness, and Well-Being

Meet The Founder

Manjit Hansra is a pharmacist, mentor, breathwork facilitator, Heartmath clinician, and sought-after speaker and consultant. As the founder of Rx for Renewal, Manjit is passionate about supporting corporations and individuals to create more professional fulfillment for greater long-term success

What Guides Us

We’ve dedicated our lives to helping others on their journey towards a healthier life

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