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The Rx for Renewal Solution

At Rx for Renewal, we know that when employees are fulfilled and motivated in their careers, both profits and productivity increase. Through our executive line-up of corporate wellness programs, keynote speaking engagements, and curated retreats, we can help your employees thrive and create a working environment where everyone’s inspired to succeed.

Let’s support your company to be on the cutting-edge of professional development and growth

Why Corporate Wellness is the Missing Link

2021 revealed a concerning trend, with half of all work-related health issues attributed to stress, depression, or anxiety, causing substantial financial losses for businesses. The one factor that completely changed the game? Corporate wellness programs. Their impact exceeded expectations, including a 28% reduction in absenteeism and a 30% decrease in presenteeism *(when employees are physically present but not fully functional) compared to non-participating employees. This compelling data underscores the urgent call for corporations to invest in the well-being of their workplace.

How We Can Support Your Company to Thrive

Keynote Speaking

Our Keynote Speaking engagements are designed to share inspiring perspectives to empower your team. These sessions don’t just talk the talk, they walk you through practical, effective, and evidence-based steps to create a more fulfilling work experience. With topics focusing on foundational components such as mindset, breathwork, and sleep, we set your team up for success.

Corporate Wellness

Customized to support your team’s needs, our Corporate Wellness Programs are all-inclusive experiences that combine an on-site wellness workshop with individual follow-up support. Let’s unlock your team’s full potential through elevating their engagement and productivity. We help each team member succeed and become better versions of themselves through fine tuning their mindset, sleep and breathing practices.

Curated Retreats

Let’s create a bespoke wellness experience for your company to emerge refreshed, recharged, and renewed. Prioritizing your team’s unique needs, we handpick facilitators and venues that align seamlessly with what matters most to you. Explore a world of offerings ranging from mindful movement to soothing meditations, transformative sound healing, breathwork experiences, and engaging workshops.

Let’s Help Your Team Succeed

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Farahnaz Sadeghian

The presentation was truly transformative, seamlessly blending theory with practical technique. Manjit's calming presence and insightful guidance provide a unique experience, leaving us inspired. Highly recommended for anyone seeking inner balance and focus.

Maria Virginia Anzola

This workshop was a fantastic opportunity to learn about the power of breathing. The techniques taught were easy to understand and easy to follow. Manjit is very knowledgeable and has the ability to transmit information in a practica manner. I would recommend this workshop to anyone looking for techniques to calm your brain and your mind!

Aman Rathore

Manjit is an extraordinary coach and mentor. His training helped prepare me for my career in ways that no one else could. With Manjit’s guidance, I not only fast-tracked my career but also experienced a jump start that has been instrumental in my professional success. Grateful for the invaluable impact he has had on my journey.

Jonathan Nhan

The Rx for Renewal retreat was a great introduction to different approaches to wellness and self care. Manjit’s approach to introducing these concepts made me feel welcomed and regardless of my prior experiences and how they may have matched with other participants, it felt like a collective group self care session. Thank you for putting this event together.

Erindeep Virk

This event helped open my mind to various strategies that will help create a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It inspired me to allocate more time to myself and take better care of my physical and mental self. Looking forward to attending more in the future!

Isabella Mendoza

The retreat gave me practical tools I can use for mindfulness and most importantly emotional regulation. They were presented in a way that was simple and actionable. I hope to incorporate more of these tools into my daily routine. Thanks for thinking about us!


*absenteeism is the practice of regularly staying away from work or school without good reason.

**presenteeism is the problem of workers’ being on the job but, because of illness or other medical conditions, not fully functioning

1. Financial Strain Impacts Workers' Mental Health - SHRM

PwC's survey of 3,638 full-time U.S. employees found that financial stress negatively impacted workers' sleep (56 percent), mental health (55 percent), physical health (44 percent) and relationships at home (50 percent).

2. Employee wellness: absenteeism, presenteeism & productivity - HR Morning

Employee wellness impacts business outcomes · Absenteeism or presenteeism? · Less burnout, more present · Wellness is only as good as the culture.

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