What is Rx for Renewal?

Rx = the medical symbol for “prescription”

Rx for Renewal is your prescription for professional growth. Founded by mentor, clinician, and speaker, Manjit Hansra, Rx for Renewal is designed to support professionals to recharge their passion, motivation, and purpose through curated corporate wellness experiences. Supporting both corporations and individuals alike, Rx for Renewal focuses on using cutting-edge tools and techniques that are Holistic (addressing the whole self), Practical (easy to use and implement), and Evidence-Based (rooted in science and results) to help you achieve your goals.

Meet The Founder

Manjit Hansra is a Pharmacist, Wellness Coach, Breathwork Facilitator, HeartMath Clinician, and the visionary Founder of Rx for Renewal. Renowned for his compelling keynote presentations, Manjit delivers comprehensive, research-backed talks to corporate audiences, aiming to empower employees to unlock their highest potential for professional fulfillment.

A graduate of the Leslie Dan Faculty of Pharmacy in Toronto, Manjit has over 18 years of experience in owning and operating high-volume pharmacies. Notably, his last store achieved an impressive $20M in annual sales. Motivated by the challenges he faced with inadequate support from the parent corporation, Manjit set on a mission to create innovative programming and tools designed to assist organizations in nurturing their workforce.

Having personally navigated through burnout, Manjit draws upon holistic, evidence-based knowledge to guide individuals and organizations towards sustainable growth. His journey includes immersive experiences in retreats across five continents, providing him with a global perspective to assist clients in transformative self-reflection and stress management.

Through Rx for Renewal, Manjit aims to support clients through a journey of professional and personal renewal, where expertise meets compassion, and empowerment is the key to unlocking your highest potential.


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